The 180 Effect Peak Performance Program

Christopher Ray Coleman offers massive value as a peak performance coach. With his experience as a former District Manager sales organization, Founder of Health Is Wealth Nation and competing powerlifter; Chris can help your team in these 3 areas with his program:


Improve the emotional intelligence, mental toughness, and overall grit of your team by being exposed to Chris’s powerful story and delivery. Combined with practical  information and science based facts on neuroscience, quantum physics, & psychology in his proven Mindproof System.

A free speaking gig(F2F or Zoom Video Conference) is included with every bulk order below. Or other arrangements can be made to assure your people can gain this practical value. 


Training is something you do; it’s not something you did. And there’s a huge difference between exposing your people and training your people. The difference is repetition. In addition to having Chris speak to your team to wake their mindset up with practical advice; set up workshops to equip them with business skills like the ones listed below:

•Personal Branding

•Social Media Marketing



•Energy Management




•Follow Up

Chris is also able to notice opportunities and possibilities where he can help someone go from good to great and become a high performer in their field.


Help your team optimize their health while accumulating wealth. With Chris’s Nutrition Clubs & Corporate Wellness Divisions of Health Is Wealth Nation; your people can be coached by Chris personally & he can assist you to instill the perfect corporate wellness program in your organization. This will improve productivity, retention, and recruiting drastically!

The 180 Effect Guarantees R.E.S.U.L.T.S.

Raise belief and conviction in company culture

Generating results has much to do with our belief and conviction in our our product, service, and the culture of our environment. This mental performance and biz training program is guaranteed to do this for your compan.

Eliminate zero sellers with your sales team

A small sales team of productive & efficient reps can run circles around a huge sales team of low performance reps. Learn the mindset and tactic that will guarantee your reps achieve their first sales fresh out of training.

Secure buy in for your vision and mission

The parable “without vision the people will perish” is 100% accurate. Learn how to paint a vision and get your people completely bought in. This stick-to-it-ness will guarantee results by outlasting any adversity.

Utilize Chris’s testimony to deliver powerful perspective shifts

You can have all the tools and resources available to you; but unless you have the personal philosophy that drives you these no way to implement them. Allow me to provide perspective shifts that can lay a strong foundation for someone’s personal philosophy and guarantee results.

Leverage Chris’s success stories to improve metrics

Seeing is believing. Chris was born in poverty and obscurity, battled a speech impediment as a child, and faced extreme adversity in his teen/adult life. Despite all of this he has achieved great feats in retail/sales, recruiting, and retention. Take advantage of this to provide guaranteed results for your people.

Tackle fear bubbles to ensure speed of implementation

The faster reps to implement new strategies always get the best results and generate the most volume. Fear is sales is seen in “Paralysis By Analysis“. Pop all fear bubbles of your team with this program to guarantee they take immediate action.

Save time, money, & energy on a program that works

People with high morals have been known to justify gambling by stating; “I couldn’t pass up a sure thing.” Well this program isn’t gambling. It’s an investment that’s guaranteed to generate a high ROI and VOI within your company.


Skill Up/Level Up Package(10 Copies)

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The perfect package for new team members to help shorten learning curves, set expectations, and learn how to leverage fear.

Also great for high achievers to help them overcome complacency, think bigger, and go from good to great.

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*Peak Performance Program Included


*Free Shipping Included

*Free Peak Performance Program Included

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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