Growing Pains

Ideal For Corporate / Associations / Non-Profits / Direct Sales

Length 3 Hours(3-45 min sessions/ 2-15 min breaks/ 1-15 min book signing) Plus (optional) Live Q&A

Grow is the first phase of the The 180 Effect Concept. It’s followed by the Groom & Great phase and requires a certain level of grit to navigate through of loft you and grand goals. Chris has had success in 3 different industries from applying this concept and noticed how important the Grow phase is. Once he made it through the growing pains of this phase it made the latter two more manageable; just like the “Eat The Frog” concept. In this workshop; Chris saves the airy fairy motivation and provides methods instilled in an inspiring way to relieve the pains of growing. 


-How to build a solid foundation in start up mode to handle the growth and scale that will follow in upcoming phases.

-The importance of failing forward during the Grow phase and how it properly sets up the Groom and Great phase.

-The 3 toxic myths of growing and how to make sure you avoid them in your process.

-The emotional intelligence and mental strength needed to use the pain as fuel as you grow.

-The 8 steps to making an unwavering decision to guarantee “Stick-to-it-ness” so you can transition to the groom phase with massive momentum.