DOT(Death Of Try)

Ideal For Corporate / Sports Teams / HS & Colleges / Direct Sales

Length 3 Hours(3-45 min sessions/ 2-15 min breaks/ 1-15 min book signing) Plus (optional) Live Q&A

This is based on Chapter 15 out of The 180 Effect book. Chris is passionate about abolishing the “try” word from people’s vocabulary. He learned a valuable lesson as a District Manager that lead him to never saying the phrase “I’m trying“ or “I’ll try” ever again! His story and delivery are beyond polarizing while he provides takeaways that are transferable to ANY industry, regardless of experience.


-The true power of self talk and why the words we use and the story we tell ourselves matter.

-Why making declarations privately is more important than making public declarations.

-How using the word “try” subconsciously and psychologically stunts your commitment level; which significantly caps your productivity potential.

-Learn the origin of the “Word Is Bond” idiom and develop a bulletproof mindset in regards to public opinions.

-The gravitational pull our words can have on our goals, desired reality, and vision.