Champion Mindset

Ideal For Athletic Departments / Sports Teams / Executive Teams / Direct Sales Forces

Length 3 Hours(3-45 min sessions/ 2-15 min breaks/ 1-15 min book signing) Plus (optional) Live Q&A

In Chris’s lifetime, he has had his share of applying a champion mindset. From being a part of a city parkball football dynasty as a kid,  making it to the National Junior Olympics as a middle schooler, establishing a championship culture in his middle school basketball & football programs, doing the same for his high school basketball & football programs, and being a part of a championship Region team of District Offices as a District Manager. He now applies this mindset in his career as a powerlifter, author entrepreneur, and small business owner. And can help any team, department, or organization do the same.


-Learn the 8 differences between chasing a championship and being a champion.

-The emotional intelligence and mental toughness that makes the G.O.A.T.s who they are in sports, music, and business overall.

-How champions use obsession and addiction to their advantage to make persistent positive progression.

-The power of having a long term vision that pulls you through short term adversity, and how it also turns finishline goals into by product occurrences.

-How a declaration of war on average needs to take place, and how to instill this culture into your leaders so it can trickle down to overall team.