Christopher Ray Coleman

Chris is the Founder/CVO of Health Is Wealth Nation,Growth Addicts Army, & Be Brilliant Inc.  an athlete, author, and artist from Mobile Al that's addicted to growth and creating generational wealth.

In April 2013, he started a entry level sales position with zero skills or connections. He passed a sales promotion, became an Assistant Manager in 2 weeks, Sales Manager in 2 months, and District Manager in 9 months. At the age of 23, he moved 6 1/2 hours away from home to start a district headquarters in a new territory. His organization went on to do over 6 figures in 18 months and he recruited 150 reps onto his sales force. He chronicles his story of going from homeless to business owner in "The 180 Effect". And 2019 will be a 6 figure year for Health Is Wealth Nation. 

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