The 180 Effect Tour in 2020 is going to be the year we take the book, brand, & concept to the national/international level. This is going to be accomplished via:



•Video Podcasts


•Q&A/Fireside Chats

•Book Signings

•Docuseries Screenings

•And So Much More

Although many engagements will be paid; we want to make sure people are getting the book also to have something tangible to carry with them while they implement the concept. So business owners & sales organizations have the option to order the book in bulk and Chris will include one of the above mentioned events for free.

While Chris is traveling and speaking; he wants to make sure his schedule of events is still being filled and other people are able to benefit from the success of the brand.

The Ambassador Program is a way to receive 10%-40% commission on any bulk order package. There are two aspects to this program:


Ambassadors who are taking advantage of the affiliate option will will receive 10% of any order that is purchased by someone that learned about it from sending this link. That’s right! You send the link, share their contact info with me, I close the deal, and you get paid 10% commission immediately via PayPal or Cash App.


Ambassadors taking advantage of advocate option automatically have the ability to receive 10% from simply sending links and sharing contact info with me. However; for those that are more money hungry and want to make more commission can do so by closing deals themselves and receiving 20%-40% commission immediately on orders they close themselves.

The pay scale for this option is:

$0-$9,999 = 20% commission

$10k-$19,999 = 25% commission

$20k-$29,999 = 30% commission

$30k-$39,999 = 35% commission

$40k-above = 40% commission + monthly salary

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please click the button in this section to complete the application so we can set up a call and go from there.

Buy In for opportunity is $25(covers autographed copy of book). Every successful venture Chris has done started with him having major skin in the game to hold him accountable. And every product or service he’s sold he was a customer of first. So he’s adamant about ambassadors doing the same before taking advantage of opportunity.

And if you’d rather pass on the opportunity but know someone that would be perfect for me email Chris at to learn about our “Finder’s Fee” for helping us add to our Ambassador Team.

Ambassador Application