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With the ample success of the book becoming a 2X Amazon Best Seller; we're excited to announce Christopher Ray Coleman will be going on a book tour throughout the south and along the Gulf Coast. The end goal for The 180 Effect brand has always been to take the success Chris generates and serve as a platform to help high school students, college students, and young adults become successful authors entrepreneurs, and small business owners also. We ask you to stretch to the highest level of giving possible to help this endeavor. We look forward to recognizing you for your generosity. Thank you!

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5 Benefits From Reading This Book

1. This Is Not Your Typical "Rags To Riches" Story

You won't find any fluff in this book! No exaggerations, no flash, no fabricating. Just 100% authenticity to share what really goes down!

2. Chris Has Built A True Successful Business

At 22 years old; Chris learned to make professional phone calls, conduct face to face presentations, and generate referrals as a sales rep. And at 23 years old; he negotiated a lease for a brick & mortar headquarters, hired a receptionist department, and advertised via print & social. Then built a 6 figure business and recruited a 150 reps sales force in 18 months.

3. Full Of Practical Real Action Steps

Jim Rohn is quoted as saying; "Motivation isn't enough. If you take an idiot and motivate them, all you'll have is a motivated idiot." This book will encourage, enlighten, and equip you with the tools you need to change your life.

4. The Information Is Relevant Today

There are so many amazing books out there written by great leaders. But let's face it; the information is outdated. The information, technology, and situations does not resonate with people today. You'll be impacted drastically by the stories and circumstances you read.

5. This Is The Beginning Of A Massive Brand

This book is based on a cycle involving phases on growing, grooming, and greatness. The strategies and techniques can be applied universally; across all aspects of life and all industries/careers. The 180 Effect Cycle promotes constant growth and progression. And this is only the beginning.

Meet The Author


Christopher Ray Coleman is known as the "#HealthIsWealthGuy". He's the personification of perseverance and has used his adversity in life to build an extensive supply of mental toughness, persistence, and foresight;  which has created a strong foundation to accomplish anything he puts his mind to. However, he would consider himself a failure if he does not use his accomplishments to impact others.

He is the Founder & President of Health Is Wealth Nation; which has a purpose driven partnership with the #1 nutrition company in the workd to change the state of heatlh in the southern region of North America. He is also pursuing a career as a strength athlete by first competing in powerlifting. He has a desire to be an advocate for the sport and expose his hometown/community to embracing strength. And to be the public figure entrepreneurs in the south can gain confidence from with being reassured they can make it also.

Currently his primary focuses are in corporate wellness, personal development, and start up niches of business.

His overall mantra is; "You're always one decision away from turning over a new leaf or taking things to the next level in life."


 "Chris is one resilient individual. His story of rags to riches is not one to be missed. If you pick up this book, you’ll not only be inspired, you’ll also learn something." -

Marcus Neto, Owner of Blue Fish

"Chris is an inspiration to the world and is using the gifts that he's been blessed with. Get inspired by his story and use his tools to create the unimagined life you are meant to live!" -  Mike Abramowitz, Founder of GRAB Tomorrow

"I enjoyed reading this book! It's relatable and motivating at the same time. The action steps at the end of each chapter are helpful in applying strategies to your current situation to help you become successful." - Danielle Towner, Owner of The Taste Team LLC

"Great read!! Go get a copy of this. It will change your life!" - Darren Heningburg, Owner of Heningburg's Pressure Washing LLC

"The 180 effect was a great and easy read about how to overcome the biggest struggles in life and positive solutions to reach the height you want to reach! Everyone should definitely check out Chris's book!" - Jalen Law, The 20th Mister Tuskegee University

 “I’m blown away by where Chris came from and what he has achieved. His story will make you ditch your excuses and work on bettering yourself—every single part of yourself, including health, wealth, and mindset.” -Sania Khiljee, Owner of @LosersToLegends, Forbes ft Entrepreneur, 


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